Session One

Let’s do a kind of meditation, an exercise to calm our mind and increase your awareness.

In your mind’s eye, look up into the night sky, see the stars, feel them close as you can on those wonderfully clear nights when no city lights are interfering with your vision. In your imagination, travel out into the stars, feel the calm and awesomeness of space. Turn and look back at the earth, the small blue ball of a planet, look around and see how it is floating with other planets around a bright star. The star is one of many in only one arm of a spiral universe which seems to go on into infinity.

Who are you, out here in space? You are conscious and aware, you have movement and intent. You don’t have a body or all the emotional energy bundle of personality, you are just aware and an individual point of consciousness. Stay in that state for a while if you can.

You are all time and all space.  You are outside of the orbit and turning of the earth which gives the illusion of time, sun rise and set, days, weeks, etc..  You are out of that and in absolute abstract space and motion.
Now turn and look at the earth, intend to come back to it, closer and closer; stop before you get within the moon’s orbit. Visualize surrounding the earth with love and light.

As you pass the moon’s orbital ellipse you are in the aura of the earth. You feel the weight of all the energy being exuded by its people.

You are still in a position to see the whole, but now you are coming back into your territory, your circle of friends and family, your activities and your daily state of being.  You come back to yourself on this plane of existence; you regain your body and your psyche.
Now you are you, here in this spiritual group looking at each other (or you are at home sitting in meditation).

Something is different about you though, you now have a conscious memory of all time and space and of you being part of the whole. It will linger with you for a while. If you chose to continue a practice of regular meditation, in this manner, you will slowly develop a new perspective which will have, in the long run, positive benefits.  You will have started consciously on your spiritual path.

We will have all experienced this meditation in different ways. Don’t worry if you were not able to let the physical consciousness go and fly into the ineffable, most of us find the chattering mind is difficult to overcome. Just know that it is possible to reach that state of awareness, with regular spiritual practice and a sincere yearning toward the spiritual light.

We did that exercise, to try, test and verify the reality of who we really are. Who is that person who can experience higher mind and feel the essence of ourselves as pure consciousness connected to the whole of consciousness? Who is this being, this human being, who comes into the physical self to experience physicality here on earth as a person?
Theosophy holds the belief that we are spiritual beings experiencing physical manifestation. We are so involved in the physicality of the physical plane that we have forgotten our spiritual heritage. We are left with an innate yearning for understanding and connectedness to something beyond our understanding while in this state.
We already have immortality, it is not something given to us by some exterior god, we are essentially godlike in our nature, it is within us; it is what gives us life energy and consciousness.
Theosophy states three fundamental propositions; you can read all about them in the proem of the Secret Doctrine a compilation of ancient wisdom teachings compiled by H.P. Blavatsky (posted in the tag line at the top of this blog). The propositions are briefly and in my simplistic terms as follows:
1.    There is an absolute, omnipresent, eternal, boundless principle from which and within which all manifestation occurs periodically. It manifests as an out breathing and inbreathing of universes in absolute abstract space and motion.
2.    The coming into being of a universe occurs in cyclic motion; breathing in and out; it’s called the Great Breath in some ancient literature. It is mirrored on our earth by the occurrence in regular cyclic rhythm;  life and death, waking and sleeping, night and day, etc.
3.    The journey of the spiritual spark (monad) into matter, in a cycle of necessity through a long series of metempsychoses and reincarnations, from basic life forms through the elemental, mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdoms (where it begins its cycle as a self conscious human being, responsible for its actions, checked by its Karma). We complete our human cycle when complete spiritual awakening has occurred on all planes of existence.
In these three basic ideas, we can place ourselves as being within and part of something that is beyond our understanding, yet eternally present.  We see how life occurs in cyclic certainty on all levels and how we as human beings now, have been all things in the past and continue on a journey of awakening to our highest state of being.  We are eternal and omnipresent in our essence. The divine incarnation already exists; it is up to us to realize it.

To sum up:
1.    Begin a practice of meditation in the way suggested by Blavatsky and partially demonstrated in our first class. We will continue to practice and explain more fully as our classes continue.  There is more to it.  For reference look at The Meditation Diagram of H.P.B.  which is a link on this site.
2.    Look at and consider the Three Fundamental Propositions as I have outlined.  If you are ambitious you can read the original text (it is posted in the tag line across the top of this blog).
3.    Walk in the world knowing you are essentially immortal, a perfect spiritual being. Carry on your daily activities with awareness, be conscious of how you are thinking and acting.

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