September 12th. 2011 Meeting

We will be reading and discussing the following two articles The Spiritual Bridge and Life after Death and After Death Experience – Part Two

Some points we will consider will be:

What it was like when the society was formed in 1875. Even though it was a restatement of ancient wisdom tradition, it was addressing the spiritual climate at that time. Since the advent of Darwinism, many people had dropped the church and turned to Spiritualism for the answers.

It fell to the Theosophical movement to combat Spiritualism, by pointing to its dangerous illusions, and errors in ethical and spiritual judgment….. a devastating argument against Spiritualism is mounted. Increasingly people who found themselves in a spiritual crisis were able to enter into the teachings of Theosophy which are spelled out in a clear and easy to understand manner.”

We will experience and discuss a method of meditation which was given to a selected group of esoteric students.

“Sustained wisdom path meditation, initiates the fully active theosophist into the after death and pre-birth states of being. This is how someone becomes an Initiate.”

“A positive and healthy spiritual life demands the discovery and awakening of the spiritual will within the higher Self through the path of active meditation. An active and focused spiritual will is vital to authentic spiritual emancipation.” (link to:  Wisdom Path Meditation – Ancient Roots , Meditation Practice – the first form , The Meditation Diagram of H.P. Blavatsky)

The first three days after death, a description of what we encounter shortly after we die.

“Apart from the release from the three lower bodies and the Instinctive Entity we are very much ourselves in the after death state of Kama Loka the Soul Worlds.’

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